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News: Young Rembrandts Online Classes

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  Bill Martin 

Have you seen these incredible drawings your friends have been making? If you'd like to draw some awesome pictures too, sign up for our next YR Web Session TODAY!! The session will run on Tuesdays from 5/5 - 5/26. Once enrolled, you'll receive an email every Tuesday morning with the link to a new drawing lesson! To enroll, click below.
Today we drew this patterned snake. We applied a variety of colorful patterns to its coiled body. We learned how to draw zigzag patterns, striped patterns, diamond patterns, and circle patterns. A background filled with rocks and mountains completed our desert scene.
Today we drew scenes that featured cartoon chimps. We gave our characters fun expressions. We also conveyed body movement through dynamic poses as our cartoon chimps moved through the trees. 
 Today we drew monster expressions. We created marvelous creatures with big eyes, horns, sharp teeth, and goofy faces. We learned how to display emotion through facial expression and body gesture.
A true cartoonist can create a character out of anything! Today we transformed ordinary flowers into fun cartoon characters. We gave them faces with lots of personality and emotion. We exaggerated their features to enhance their facial expressions.