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News: Zumba Classes with Sandy Flynn

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  Bill Martin 

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A Message from Sandra:

I have put all of my videos, including these 3 new ones on a Playlist on my YouTube channel so you should all be able to go directly to my YouTube Channel and see my entire library of videos.  Make sure that you CLICK ON / LOOK UNDER "PLAYLIST" to view the full list of videos once you get to my channel. 
The link to my channel is:
Please let me know if you have any issues, etc.  I admit that I'm am not too YouTube Savvy and this has been a little challenging!! Face with rolling eyes 
Here are links to my latest classes if you want to look at them individually!
Stay safe and Exercise On!!!!
Peace Out!

Beginner Videos:
The Township is sending out all of my classes to their mailing list it got me thinking that maybe there are some of you that have thought about trying Zumba before but either never had the time or thought it might be too hard.  If that's the case, this is for you.  First of all, Zumba is NOT that hard; but if you think you may need a little help, I've put together a tutorial video for first-timers which will give you some pointers and I show you a lot of the main steps that I use.  The second video is about a 50 minute class that has a warm-up and cool-down and incorporates almost all of the steps shown in the tutorial. 

So I invite you to try it out, have some fun and Zumba off some of your stress!! 
Zumba - Beginner's Tutorial
Zumba Beginner Workout With Tutorial Steps