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CAMP - Camp Participant Pre-Season Deep Water Swim Test

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Who needs to take the deep water swim test?
Swim club visitors under the age of 16 who wish to swim outside roped 3ft area of pool.
How often is the test administered?
Once daily per camp group visitation period.
How often can the test be taken?
Participants can make only one attempt per day to successfully complete the deep water test.

What are the requirements to pass the test?

1.  Must jump from the side of the pool into 5.5 feet of water.
     -Lifeguards will remain in the water within an arm's reach of each participant at all times during the test
     -Participants may not slide in from the side.
     -The requirement to jump is to ensure that if participant should fall into deep water he/she will be able to get back to the surface of the water without assistance.
2.  Tread water for 30 seconds.  (Lifeguard or Manager will alert participant when time is up).  
3.  Swim approximately 25 yards (72 feet) across the width of the pool.
     -Participants may use any stroke or combination of strokes (including doggie paddle)
     -Must keep swimming, cannot stop
     -Cannot touch pool wall or bottom or grab onto lane line, lifeguard or lifeguard rescue tube
4.  Exit the pool using either the ladder or pulling oneself up by climbing side of pool.

Successful completion of the Deep Water Swim Test is determined by the Swim Club Manager or Assistant Manager.

Participants who successfully complete the requirements will be issued a silicone swim band.  Names and dates are recorded in Swim Test Log.
      -Band must be worn on left wrist or upper arm, not ankle, every time swimmer wishes to enter the pool
      -First band issued at no cost, replacement bands are $1.00
      -If band is forgotten, swimmers will not be permitted outside the 3 foot section of the pool unless they purchase a replacement band
      -If lost or forgotten band is later found, swimmer must present both bands at the front desk for a refund.

Questions regarding the Deep Water Swim Test should be directed to the Swim Club Manager at 215-357-6800 ext 211 or

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