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There is so much learning going on at this age!  Your baby's first class at Romp n' Roll provides opportunities for you and your baby to engage in appropriate activities that help them grow and learn physically and socially, naturally creating a bonding experience between baby and parent.  The class is designed with elements such as the movement activities to work on strengthening your baby's back and neck to move them toward mobility, sign language to foster communication and language skills, music time to work on fine and gross motor skills and bubbles to work on hand-eye coordination.  Just as important, grown-ups get the chance to communicate and bond with others who understand exactly their concerns and questions.  This class is chock full of learning...for everyone!

Tumble Tunes:
Do your kids love music?  Then bring them all to this awesome class!  Our mixed ages tumble tunes class combines Music and Gym perfectly.  If you're bringing multiple children, don't worry - our instructors will lend a hand while younger children explore during independent play and older children navigate an exciting obstacle course.  During our Music Circle time you will experience a truly one of a kind music program that combines all genres of music from folk music to classical pieces, from an urban beat to lullabies.  Developed by Romp n' Roll, you will not find this program anywhere else.

Romp & Roll (ages 3-6):
(February Session Theme) Science FUNdamentals at its best! Your child will learn basic scientific concepts by doing hands-on experiments every week. These little scientists will be talking all week about how they made cream freeze into ice cream in just minutes, and how they brought the dinosaurs back to life with homemade fossils. By using the Scientific Method, children will not only find conclusions to their experiments, they will answer the question that they ask most at this age, “Why?”. Put on your lab coat and goggles…let’s do this!

(April Session Theme) Rhythm n' Roll is a one-of-a-kind class that combines physical skill building as well as musical enrichment for your 3-5 year old. Children will create a fun, imaginative art project with a musical inspiration.  During Music Circle time the children will participate in a variety of fun, and creative music, and movement activities to enhance sensory skills, speech, rhythm, and fine body movements.   Then they will navigate their way through obstacle courses designed to develop coordination, strength, and flexibility. The children will also participate in activities to build emerging skills like skipping, throwing, hopscotch, as well as safe, cooperative participation with others.  

Need comfortable clothes or shoes for your child to run around in?  Support Parks and Rec and click on the link below!

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